mobile startups targetting Bottom of Pyramid

Now everybody is writing about end of a decade and end of year and there are lots of posts doing rounds about the best and the worst of last decade or last year. So I thought why not make a list of new startups that I liked. The difference in these start ups is that they are not generating applications for swanky i-phone or blackberry but for common man.

So here are the list of few mobile startups which I found interesting.
1) Voice Tap :- In short if one has to describe this service, It’s search engine over phone or chat.
One need to register with voicetap for free and ask for a query. Voice Tap will show the list of 5 experts for you. Select on of them and ask your query.
The expert will answer the query and all this is absolutely FREE.
GREAT ..Isn’t it?
Have a look at

2) SMS One :-
This startup is a bit different from any other. What makes it different is its social initiative. The founder is a college dropout and this startup provides employment opportunity to unemployed in the rural area.
So How does it work ?
Let’s Say I am a 12th fail unemployed youth and have good local contacts. All I need to do is convince huge number of people (say 1000) to receive sms on their mobile for local content (eg. Local news , Local updates etc. ) Once I have the contacts. I will share it SMSONE. SMSONE will provide me with the software ad training to operate the software. I will push the local news with local advertisement.
Thus I earn money from advertisements and the end user gets information for free of cost.
Please visit the website It’s worth a look.
They have many other interesting service offerings

3) Reuters Market Light :
This a company which is a subsidiary of Reuters Thomson and also works in rural India. This service provides weather updates, Local Mandi news. Latest prices of crops etc.
However it comes at a cost 50 to 60 rupees per month. They have tied up with Idea cellular for Krishi cards. They have tied up with Adhaar Retail Stores (A future Group Company) for the sale of such cards.
Reliance and Tata Indicom have also launched similar services and it is priced competitively.
3) BEEP :-
So if I have to use an application on my phone either I have to pay or at the max it’s free. But nobody pays me. That’s bad …right ?
Here is a service which will pay you for downloading it’s application.
Beep is a software which you need to download on your phone and you get 100 rupees talk time between airtel to airtel. All it does is deliver you advertisements on your mobile.
This service is currently available in Hyderabad. Well I hope that they launch it in other cities as well. So that everybody can enjoy their services.

I will stop today with these three interesting startups. Keep reading for more…