Chetan Bhagat, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and 3 idiots

In my yesterday’s post I wrote a lot fo good things about the digital marketing done by 3 idiots.  One good thing was, there was no negativity attached to the publicity.
However I can not say so today. Yesterday Vidhu Vinod Chopra blasted on reporters when questioned about the rewards that he offered to Chetan Bhagat (The author of 3 idiots) . Chetan Bhagat said that he was allowed to read the changed script and the script of the movie is much different than what he wrote. Amir said that Chetan met him during the shooting of 3 idiots and told Amir not to read Five Point Someone as there is a huge difference in both the scripts.

Its very confusing. why everybody is doing such a nonsense thing. You know what I feel?


Now the people who have read Five Point Someone had already watched the movie. So the challenge is how do I keep the crowd coming? You just have few days to get the business may be a week of at the max 2 weeks. So one needs to keep the buzz going.

So after this controversy, lot of people will read  Five Point Someone, if they dont read they will discuss with somebody who has read the book and will go and watch the movie in theater. I think this is the game plan of “3 idiots”team. Remember they are not idiots to fight in public.

That’s what I feel and I feel it strongly. what do you feel ?

Post your comments 🙂




3 idiots “Aaal is well “ digital marketing

First let me wish all of you a very happy new year and may god shower all his blessings on you.

On New Year eve I watched 3 idiots. What a good way to celebrate New Year  .Anyways the movie is good. However the readers of Five Point Someone (A novel on which the movie is based) will be a little disappointed as it has some bollywood masala which I personally did not enjoy. Anyways I am not a Khalid Mohammed to write a movie review.
What I liked about the movie is its promotional strategy. I think one bollywood movie which has used technology to maximum extent in its promotions is “3 idiots”. So what did the “3 idiots” team did different.
1) As any other movie they have tied up mobile companies for ringtones wall papers etc. (Not so impressive huh..)
2) They tied up with Zapak for digital marketing. The official website for “3 idiots” is The website is amazing. One can go to the classroom and upload photo and attend lectures. Visit the washroom and write something on wall. Go to lab to watch movie trailers. There is an exam as well and if you answer three wrong questions, you fail in exam. Only 3 ATKTs are allowed . (Isn’t that unfair ?  )
Overall its fun. If you have not visited it yet. Please do visit it
3) If you go to Zapak website you can play a game in which Amir Khan travels all over India doing crazy things. When you play this game there is an engagement created with the character.
4) There is a profile by the name “Amir khan, The Pucca idiot” on facebook. You can post on the wall, become a fan and some users get opportunity to chat with Amir.
5) The last and the thing which I most liked about the promotional campaign is what they did on Twitter. An hashtag was created on twitter with Amir khan’s name. People who wanted to chat with Amir sent the tweets to hashtag Amir. The replies were published on each individual’s post and followers of that individuals retweeted it. This created a wave of the traffic. Let’s say I am not interested in Amir Khan. However as the post appeared on somebody’s post, whom I follow. I clicked on it, read it and retweeted it because its my friend who is chatting with Amir khan. Amazing … I really liked it. Watch the video below.

So what happened after all these efforts? Well the movie was able to generate 100 crores in the first five days. Great isn’t it.
One more coincidence that I noticed is 1)BIG Cinemas who is distributing the movie 2) who is doing digital marketing 3) Reliance Life Insurance who is using “Aaal is well” are all Reliance ADAG companies.

Smart move by “3 idiots” team.Is Bollywood listening ?