11 digit mobile number- a new year gift ?

Soon India will be the one of the few countries to have 11 digit mobile numbers. According to an interim note issued by DoT on 26 Nov 2009 the national numbering plan issued in 2003 is amended for migration of 10 digit number to 11 digit number. A “9” will be prefixed to the existing numbers. Dot wants the 11 digit numbers to be implemented by 1st Jan 2010. However the many mobile operators say it will be very difficult to implement this plan in such a short time. Mobile operators need to make a lot of technological changes in their infrastructure.
Now why did the Dot have to take decision to change the mobile numbers from 10 digit to 11 digit?
The numbering plan was fixed in 2003. This plan was fixed for 27 years i.e. till 2030. the plan was fixed under the assumption that India will reach 500 million subscribers by 2025. However we have already touched a total subscriber base of 500 million and approximately India is adding on an average 15 million subscribers every month.
Now under the current numbering plan a maximum of 1 billion subscribers can be accommodated. Considering the current growth in subscribers India will reach 1 billion subscribers in 2-3 years and after that no mobile operator can offer a new connection.
However if India makes the mobile number 11 digit then India can issue unique mobile numbers to 10 billion connections.
So if the telecom operators need to hurry up now and make changes in their software and network configurations. Soon we will have new players in the market, which will make competition fiercer and it will definitely increase the mobile penetration. However if the implementation of this technology is delayed then we will have to face the old days where we have to wait for the new SIM card for days and at times buy SIM cards in black.
Let’s hope for the best and lets wait for 1st Jan 2010.

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